Larimer County Sheriff’s Office Recognition/Appreciation Page

Thank you Larimer County Sheriff’s Office!

The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office(LCSO) provides support for LCSAR in more than what you might think.

If they didn’t supply these things, we would have to come up with the money to pay for it ourselves.

You might say that the Sheriff is required to perform search and rescue by state statute, so he SHOULD help, which is certainly true. What you may not appreciate is that to maintain a SAR group on his staff that would satisfy the needs year round, it would be a huge expense (i.e. tax dollars). The unpaid professionals of Larimer County SAR, Inc. are extremely proud and motivated to provide this service to our community at no charge as, among other things, a way to give back to a community that supports US so selflessly in so many other ways.

Some of the ways the Sheriff supports our team:

  • LCSO recognizes LCSAR as the primary SAR resource for Larimer County
  • SAR Cache – a home for LCSAR
  • Electricity, water, heat
  • Building upkeep and security
  • Phone line, service, and maintenance
  • Paging service
  • Office space and cleaning services
  • Internet access, LAN file space, team e-mail account
  • Gas for the team vehicles
  • Purchasing items at government pricing through them
  • Reimbursing team members for mileage on missions, as funds allow
  • A meal after missions, as funds allow
  • Workers compensation and liability insurance
  • Training room (with TV/VCR, InFocus projector, white board, etc.)
  • Laptop/PC computers when the County puts them out of service
  • Vehicles when they swap theirs out (e.g. Larimer 11) if we want/need it
  • Access to snowmobiles, ATVs, Snowcat, Com Van, portable flood light set up
  • Defensive driving course training
  • ATV driving training
  • DOLA Grant submission
  • Funds directly from the SO ( ~ $5000.00 per year)

We take pride on being there when it counts so
that others may live.