Tracking is the art of following the sign left behind as a person walks through an area. Trackers are trained in recognizing this sign. They very rarely find a well defined footprint; usually trackers find evidence that something stepped on a particular spot. The sign they see could be a stone pressed in the dirt, bruising left on plant material, the impression left by the edge of the sole of a shoe, or a slight depression made by the weight of the person.
Larimer County Search and Rescue trackers are certified by Joel Hardin Professional Tracking Services (JHPTS) and Universal Tracking Services (UTS).

Certification is not based on the number, type, or title of courses attended – but the member’s demonstrated knowledge and skill in tracking and use of techniques and tactics to successfully resolve practical simulations and missions. Member evaluation and certification is done by JHPTS and UTS Staff.

Our trackers improve their tracking skills by education, training, self-guided practice, and group practices. It takes many hours of dedicated training to become proficient in tracking.

The certification levels are Novice/Track Aware, Apprentice/Basic Tracker, Tracker 1, Tracker 2, Journeyman Tracker, and Sign Cutter. For more information about these designations, please visit the JHPTS or UTS websites.