Donating to Larimer County Search and Rescue

Where does the money go?

• Larimer County Search and Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.
• 100% of all your donations go to Larimer County Search and Rescue
• 100% of your contributions to LCSAR are tax deductible.
• 95% of our annual expenses must be paid for with money we obtain through fund-raising.
• All of our members are un-paid, so most of your donation pays for search and rescue – not administration.
• Our members contribute financially by paying an application fee, new member training fee, yearly dues, yearly pager maintenance fee, outside training fees, and costs associated with ongoing training and SAR missions, and sometimes personally paying for items that the team needs.

LCSAR Fund-raising Values

Larimer County Search and Rescue engages in fund-raising activities that comply with the values listed below.

Trust: We shall uphold the rules and regulations specified in our Bylaws and Policies, and in any agreements we have made, verbally or otherwise, with other agencies or individuals. We will not sell or make public any donor information without the expressed consent of the donor.

Integrity: We shall not engage in any fund-raising activities or tactics that we find unappealing or distasteful or that we know others find unappealing or distasteful – like random telephone solicitations by non-team members. Since none of our members are paid, our expenses can and should be largely focused on things related to search and rescue. Administrative expenses shall be kept to a minimum.

Honesty: we shall only request money for projects that are approved by the LCSAR Executive Board or that are a normal part of accepted team needs. All future fund-raising success depends upon how truthful we have been about our needs and our expenses.

Accountability: We shall spend all monies earmarked for specific purposes on those purposes and do so in a timely manner and we shall document appropriate reasons and justifications if this does not happen.

Fund-raising Events

Throughout the year, LCSAR has a number of fund-raising projects including hosting Radical Reels in April, Alpine Koi and Homescapes Parade of Ponds in July, a Raffle starting at the New West Fest in August, and various activities at the Long’s Peak Scottish-Irish Festival in Estes Park in September.

For information about donating to LCSAR or questions about our fund-raising projects, please contact:

Fundraising Coordinator
E-mail: Fundraising Coordinator

Donating to LCSAR

If you wish to make a donation to LCSAR, you can use any of the following methods:


(send your check to the address below)

Larimer County Search and Rescue
1303 N Shields St
Fort Collins CO 80524-1014
E-Mail: Fundraising Coordinator

PayPal – on-line

Thank you for Donating

We wish to express our most sincere appreciation and thanks to the many people, corporations, organizations, foundations, and groups that have made donations to LCSAR.