July 1, 2009

“Dependability” – Fulfilling what I consented to do, even if it means unexpected sacrifice.

“Availability” – Making my own schedule and priorities secondary to the wishes of those I serve.

Early Sunday morning, April 26, 2009, notification was received that a 21 year old female had become stuck in a crevice on Old Man Mountain just outside the Town of Estes Park. Estes Park Volunteer Fire Department advised that they were responding to the call and requested additional help from the Larimer County Search and Rescue Team, Larimer County Emergency Services, and Rocky Mountain National Park Rangers.

The subject, who had been stuck in the crevice for many hours was cared for by the Estes Park Firefighters and Ambulance personnel. Due to low temperatures and light rain and snow falling, it took a lot of work just to try to keep the subject warm. Larimer County Search and Rescue Team members and Rocky Mountain National Park Rangers began working on freeing the subject. Due to the positioning of the individual it was determined that the best way to remove her was to rig three separate rope systems. This would enable rescuers to pull at different points of her body independently or at the same time depending on what was necessary. Additionally, vegetable oil was used to assist with removing the subject from the course rock. After eight hours of pulling and prying, the subject was finally freed from the crevice, loaded into a litter, lowered down a rock face, and carried to a waiting ambulance. The subject was transported to the Estes Park Medical Center where she was treated for hypothermia and irregular blood chemistry.

This mission would not have been successful without the cooperative efforts of these dedicated public servants.

The Larimer County Search and Rescue Team is being recognized for their “Dependability” and “Availability” and is presented this Sheriff’s Commendation on this date, July 1, 2009.


Presentation document LCSO Commendation July 1, 2009.

Mission Synopsis

For a synopsis of this mission visit our Mission Reports page Old Man Mountain Mission 4/25/2009.


On a side note, during this mission on April 26, 2009, the team was also testing for the Mountain Rescue Association re-accreditation. There were team members who not only accomplished the mission but also on mission completion responded to the testing site and participated in the re-accreditation. The team passed the MRA re-accreditation test.

Space Shuttle Columbia Recovery Mission


On behalf of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board please pass our thanks to everyone in your organization for their participation in the Columbia Accident Investigation Board investigative activities. The unselfish support of thousands of volunteers made it possible for the Board to complete its investigation.

The Columbia Accident Investigation Board is pleased to present Larimer County Search & Rescue with the enclosed certificate.


H. W. Gehman, Jr.
Admiral, U. S. Navy (Retired)
Columbia Accident Investigation Board

Presentation document Columbia Space Shuttle Commendation

Presentation document Columbia Space Shuttle Certificate


July 28, 1997

On July 28, 1997, Larimer County was hit with torrential rains that resulted in a devastating flood. Five people lost their lives due to the unexpected and out of control flood waters.

Many agencies were called upon to assist with this emergency. Members of the Larimer County Search and Rescue team responded without hesitation or regard for their own safety. Many of these volunteers worked through the night and all day for days to search for missing persons.

The Larimer County Search and Rescue team is made up of hard working men and women who volunteer their time for the citizens of Larimer County. During this emergency, the team members went above and beyond the normal call of duty. Many lives were saved and families consoled due to the long, hard work of these volunteers. The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office is proud to be associated with Larimer County Search and Rescue and hereby award them with a Unit Commendation.


Presentation document LCSO Unit Citation July 28, 1997


May 18, 1996

In many ways, 1996 may have been a normal year for search and rescue activity in Larimer County. However, there were two incidents which the Search and Rescue Team deserves recognition for assistance over and above what is expected.

On May 18, 1996, Richard, age 5 and Javier Flores, age 6, became missing from their home in Ft. Collins, CO. On November 16, 1996, Ieleen Anderson, age 66, became lost in the mountains west of Red Feather Lakes, CO. During these two searches, not just one person came forward, but the whole team responded to the call for help in an extraordinary manner.

Team members voluntarily spent many days, expending hundreds of man hours on both searches looking for the missing individuals in hopes of finding them alive. For reasons out of the Search and Rescue Team’s control and not due to a lack willingness of all involved, both searches were completed with less than the hoped for outcomes. The Search and Rescue Team’s willingness to assist the Larimer County Sheriff’s Depatment and the county residents in these and many other search and rescue activities is an example of the devotion of the Search and Rescue Team and its members to making Larimer County a better place to live.


Presentation document LCSO Appreciation May 18, 1996